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Boldenone Propionate Steroid Powder

Boldenone Propionate Steroid Powder

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Boldenone Propionate Steroid Powder is a high purity and high quality of steroids, bring you the effect is immediate. At the same time our mode of transportation is the most advanced in China, is the only suppliers have stock in Canada and Europe, provide domestic delivery in Canada, Europe.

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Boldenone Propionate Steroid Powder

Product Name: Boldenone propionate


Purity: 98%

MF: C22H30O3

MW: 342.47

Appearance: white powder.

Usage: pharmaceutical raw materials, the hormone

Storage: shading, confined preservation.


Application of Boldenone Propionate

Boldenone Propionate would be more intense to raises red blood cells, increase the appetite, and repair connective tissues which are also a huge plus for bodybuilders during training. Boldenone Propionate is going to be a painful injection. This steroid is containing 25mg/ml of the hormone boldenone attached to the acetate ester and 75mg/ml of the hormone boldenone attached to the propionat ester. Having Boldenone attached to these esters allows for it to raise blood levels rather quickly and for the effects to be faster than those seen with the slower ester of traditional EQ.

Boldenone has a relatively favorable side effect profile compared to most other anabolic steroids. Conversion to estrogen is low, and if anything the modest amount of conversion can be beneficial if no other aromatizing steroid is being used. Unlike testosterone, it?s not potentiated in the skin or scalp. Boldenone typically has little in the way of adverse effect on mood. The most common problems are increased appetite (in cases where that?s experienced as a problem) and at higher doses, sometimes a feverish feeling. But in general, it?s very well tolerated at modest dosages such as up to 400-500 mg/week and sometimes more


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Packing: Professional packing with professional materials

Shipping method: By courier (DHL, FedEx, EMS and so on)

Delivery time: Within 24 hours once receive the payment

Payment terms: Western Union, Moneygram, Bitcoin


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